It was the young Architectural Technology and Construction Management students dedication to his work, and O’Mahony Pike’s ability to both challenge and support his skills that determined the election.


 ”He will definitely succeed in this world -. BIM skills or not. If all my employees had the same attitude as he does, it would be easy to run a business. He just has to pick up the phone and call if he wants to change his line of business,” the jury unanimously said about Kasper Miller.

”Just the amount of drive and enthusiasm, that he puts into his work, is unique. But apart from that, he has displayed a great understanding of building activities, extraordinary skills within BIM (Building Information Modelling) and he will be employed on a permanent basis. He also has a great interest in architecture and sees his work in a wider perspective. However, he never loses himself in details but gets the work done.”

KasperMiller_Vækstfoto 3.jpg

The jury also highly commended the company O’Mahony Pike for its both obliging but also challenging approach to Kasper Miller and his internship.

Kasper Miller is strongly dedicated to renovation projects and to introducing his BIM skills in this area too:

”I have only just finished my final BA project on how renovation projects can be approached by means of BIM and how fusions of existing renovation strategies and BIM can help accelerate the renovation rate,” says Kasper Miller.

This is one of the focal areas of the EU 2020 and 2030 energy targets, and Kasper Miller therefore contacted a partner in the renovation project RentalCal, which is supported by the European Commission, to introduce them to the research areas that he has been working with.

”It may sound a little overambitious, given my limited range of experience, but the renovation area is lagging a lot behind in the technical field and is primarily dominated by a conservative generation of older workmen. And this does not only apply to Denmark but to the entire EU and the USA. I am young and, hopefully, I can contribute with some academic and technical skills that can break a little with the norms in the renovation field,” says Kasper Miller and continues:

”Ireland is one of the countries with the highest renovation rate in the world and is among the pioneering countries when it comes to integrating BIM in renovation projects. This was my main reason for choosing to do my internship in Ireland, and I want to get as much as possible out of my stay here in terms of knowledge, so that I can bring my experiences back to Denmark and contribute to making a huge difference to our existing buildings in Denmark - and maybe even in the rest of Europe.”

Kasper Miller’s visions are so innovative that both Hedeselskabet and Boligfonden Kuben have recommended him for their anniversary grant.

Kasper Miller will proceed to the national competition Business Internship of the Year, which will be held at LEGO House in Billund on 16 May.

The jury behind KEA Internship of the Year consisted of Anne Christine Persson, CEO at Monies, Mikkel Jespersen from 1508 and Charlotte Teinby, HR Business Partner at Solar.

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