At KEA, we offer four international academy profession degree programmes that are all targeted at the business community. An AP degree programme lasts two years.

Our academy profession degree programmes are all tailored for the world of business and industry. They are thus developed in close cooperation with companies and businesses, and as a student you will be in close contact with public and private enterprises during your studies.

An academy profession degree programme is a higher education programme which lasts two years, spans four semesters and adds up to 120 ECTS points.

The AP degree in Computer Science, however, lasts two and a half years and yields a total of 150 ECTS points.

You can normally apply for admission to an AP degree programme if you have completed a general and vocational upper secondary education or other kind of relevant vocational and/or professional training experience that may grant you an exemption. You can find the specific admission requirements under each of the education programmes.

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