The objective of KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is to develop and offer practical and business-oriented higher-education study programmes at academy profession and professional bachelor levels. KEA works closely with the business community and educational institutions both in Denmark and abroad. KEA is also a knowledge centre for public and private-sector enterprises.


KEA offers higher-education programmes targeted at the business community in Denmark and abroad.

KEA bridges the gap between skills and new knowledge, and KEA students learn to transform their knowledge into products in the broadest sense of the word.

KEA graduates are educated within the fields of technology, design and business. Our programmes are characterised by a high level of professionalism and close ties to the business community.

KEA’s graduates create value by succeeding in life, through their innovative power and through product development.


At KEA we go the extra mile, and we set high standards. We are ambitious, which means that we challenge ourselves and others. We prefer to think ‘outside the box’ and are always looking for new opportunities and ways of doing things. We are inquisitive and like to experiment, but without losing focus or sight of our priorities.

We are proud of our professionalism, didactics and educational practices, and we take responsibility for ensuring that KEA’s programmes are of a high quality and that they focus on sustainability.

We value diversity among students and employees, and we aim to create well-rounded individuals.

We focus on teamwork, dialogue and action – the KEA management creates meaning and sets the direction for the entire organisation.


KEA wants to enable Denmark to create new products (tangible as well as intangible) for the Danish and international markets.

KEA wants to offer the best study programmes within the fields of technology, design and business. KEA wants to be the first choice for relevant students, businesses and employees in these fields.