At KEA, we educate our students primarily for the private job market. It is therefore natural for KEA to cooperate closely with private companies in relation to content and development of existing programmes, establishment of new programmes, company visits, guest teachers etc.

KEA also cooperates with private companies about the internship during which all students work closely together with the companies on practice-oriented and relevant issues. Often, the internship leads to a job for the student.

The cooperation with the private companies supports an innovative, global and entrepreneurial culture at KEA. We build bridges between craft and new knowledge and the students learn to transform knowledge into products. The culture also supports those students who begin their studies at KEA with a wish to further develop or start their own company.  This applies to more than half of KEA’s students.

At KEA, there is room for diversity which is expressed by e.g. a very varied composition of students. The diversity is a great asset which is reflected by e.g. the quality of the projects and products that, for instance, students with high school backgrounds and students with vocational backgrounds cooperate on.