Would you like to work in the crossfield between product development, process and production and contribute to developing solutions that create value for customers and businesses? This programme is relevant for both Danish and international students.

Is your head full of creative ideas that you would love to transform into new and innovative products? On the AP in Production Technology programme, you learn everything about turning ideas into finished products. You learn to think through the process from the first bit of scribble on a piece of paper until you stand there with a uniform product ready for mass production.

As a student on the programme, you also acquire technical, innovative and analytical skills in relation to the actual production, enabling you to come up with solutions that can help optimise production in a company. You work with cases which not only focus on construction and production, but which also look at other aspects like business models, markets and users.

As a key element of the programme, you learn to work with your fellow students to address problems and challenges in the industry. You and your fellow students are involved in defining projects, but the projects which you do are always based on real-life issues and problems which must be resolved by means of e.g. construction calculations, choice of materials and design solutions.

The first year provides you with fundamental insight into a number of core areas, such as product development and design, construction, materials and manufacturing processes and business technology.