Enrol in a degree programme aimed at a career in fashion and lifestyle or marketing and communication! This programme is relevant for both danish and international students.

If you are dreaming of a degree programme in which you can combine creativity with cutting-edge knowledge in fashion, lifestyle, marketing and communication, the Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme may be just the thing for you.

The degree programme takes four semesters, and as an international student, you may choose the Marketing & Communication Design specialisation.

The specialisation is aimed at a marketing and communication career.

The four semesters give you comprehensive insight into industry value chains from concept and idea to product development, procurement and production, as well as sales and marketing, and you acquire specialised knowledge and competencies in the specialisation to which you are admitted.

The Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession programme provides you with the latest knowledge and competencies in design methods, trends, materials, production, communication and business models. You will collaborate with both local and global companies during your studies.

Admission to the Design, Technology and Business Academy Profession Programme requires that you pass an admission test.