Unlike the other Scandinavian countries, Denmark has no clinical guidelines in the field of optometry. Therefore, the aim of the project is to prepare and implement such guidelines. 

A clinical guideline is defined as "systematically prepared statements that can be used by professionals and patients when deciding on an appropriate and correct healthcare service in specific clinical situations". ‘Systematic’ refers to the fact that the content of a clinical guideline is based on the best available knowledge, i.e. evidence.

The clinical guidelines bridge the gap between research and clinical practice and ensure that the patient/citizen is offered treatment of consistently high professional quality. At the same time, it will be easier for other health care professions to understand the examination methods used by opticians and optometrists.

Based on the initial talks with the other Nordic countries, the specialist committee of Optikerforeningen (the association of opticians) has decided to start with the following topics: 

  • Record keeping
  • Routine examination by the optometrist
  • Production, adaptation and distribution of optical aids
  • Work glasses (occupational optometry)
  • Fitting and checking contact lenses
  • Examination of patients with cataracts

The plan is to draft the individual clinical guidelines and then consult with relevant healthcare stakeholders (e.g. educational institutions within optometry and vision sciences as well as clinicians specialising in the general topic of the guideline). After the consultation period and the associated revision process, the clinical guidelines will be adopted by the board of directors of Dansk Selskab for Optometri (the Danish industry association for optometry).

Preliminary draft guidelines: the optometric vision examination (Dansk Selskab for Optometri)


  • Dansk selskab for optometri (the Danish industry association for optometry)
  • Optikerforeningen (the association of opticians)

(The non-cooperation with specific chain stores is deliberate as the guidelines are developed for the entire industry)


Dansk Selskab for Optometri is responsible for teaching the clinical guidelines as they are published.

Publication of guidelines:

The first clinical guideline was published in the industry's trade journal "Optikeren", in an article written by Heidi Buchholt, chairman of Dansk Selskab for Optometri. It signals an evidence-based approach to our work and points to the fact that optometry is a health profession. It contributes to increased recognition among other health professions (including doctors and ophthalmologists) and health policymakers.

Contact person

  • Kjersti K. Lindblad (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)