Friday the grant Innovative Business handed out money to six startup companies, and Hannah Michaud from Sustainable Fashion received the largest amount – 55.000 kr. - to develop her company The apple girl.

Sandra Pétursdottir, Henriette Ryder Andersen and Eszter Eva Smid from the Jewelry, Technology and Business won 30.000 kr. for the development of the bracelet Fibo, First Bond wearables.

The applicants first pitched their ideas for the jury who, after a thorough voting, distributed the 170.000 kr. among the applicants.

Hannah Michaud aka The apple girl will spend the 55.000 kr. on development:

"They will be used for development and testing at the Danish Technological Institute over the next six months. It costs 250.000 kr., so I need more money," says Hannah, who already has five customers just waiting for the material to be fully developed. A material that could be used for everything from toys to mobile covers and jewelry.

Hannah Michaud transforms the residual product from apple juice and apple cider to create apple leather. Hannah thus create a material from what is actually waste, which  points very clearly towards the use of biotechnology in the future:

"It's a recognition that she stands out with more than just a product, she has a platform technology and a material that has potential in a wide range of areas - and where it will be innovative, for example, in textile and packaging," says Kasper Birkeholm Munk from The Danish Inventor Advisory Service on behalf of the jury and continues:

"Hannah's new material offers a lot of income opportunities, and she is close to cash flow. Just like her presentation was sharp and she has proven that she is a person capable of creating partnerships - she collaborates with knowledge institutions and Meyers. And as a person, she wants something - and not just because it's opportune, "says Kasper Birkeholm Munk.

The jury also awarded 30.000 kr. to Fibo - First Bond wearables, a bracelet for the father-to-be who helps future parents with sharing the experience of a pregnancy by imitating the baby's movements, kicks and hiccups in the stomach, which are felt at the same time from the bracelet that the father is wearing.

Chairman of the board of trustees and KEA's Rector Ingo Østerskov has the following to say about the distributions of the grant:

"All finalists have been tested on innovation power, how they pitched, if there is a commercial value or any problems regarding the realization. I think it was the right winner,"says Ingo Østerskov, adding:" I'm proud of Hannah, and I know that what they are doing at DESIGN is way ahead - and the students are sitting, working with new materials - it does not get much better. " 


55.000 kr. - 'The apple girl'
Hannah Michaud, PBA Design & Business, Sustainable Fashion

Today, there is a need for alternative materials. The producers overlook waste as a resource and instead replace the products with ingredients that can potentially harm people, animals and the environment.

The apple Girl is making apple leather of the pulp waste from cider production. The apple girl has developed a unique material: The leather is 100% biodegradable and with scalable production, it is possible to get the same quality every time and with lower costs.

Contact: Hannah Michaud - tel. 53824768 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

30.000 kr. - 'First Bond Wearables'
Sandra Petursdottir, Henriette Ryder Andersen and Eszter Eva Smid, PBA in Jewelry, Technology and Business

First Bond Wearables has created a device that helps future parents sharing the experience of pregnancy. While the mother feels the child grows in the stomach and forms a special bond with the little one, it can be difficult for the father. He must wait for the third trimester to feel his baby kicking, still depending on being in the right place at the right time. 'Fibo' mimics the baby's movements, kicks and hiccups, so the sharing takes place instantly so that the person wearing the bracelet will feel the movement in real time.
The mother carries the little device on her belly, which transmits to the bracelet the father wears. The bracelet mimics the child's activities through four small beads. The rotating beads simulate the baby's movements according to the child's activity. The two devices communicate via GSM, thus enabling long distance transmission.


Contact: Sandra Pétursdottir tel. 52 24 34 36 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The grant rewards pupils, students, teachers and lecturers at commercial vocational schools, trade schools and professional academies, which have in particular, excelled in innovative or developmental initiatives, business concepts and products. 

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