The jury emphasised that Mikkel Grenaa Larsen translated his knowledge into concrete value for the company and, among other things, created a dashboad for an electric car. They also emphasised that Vestergaard is an innovative, open and professional internship company.

"Really?!" This was the response from both Mikkel Grenaa Larsen and Vestergaard Company, when they were told that they had won KEA Internship of the Year, thus moving on to the national competition Business Internship of the Year held at Børsen on 28 May.

"Vestergaard is hands on – you program something, try it out and try again until you succeed.  I was given a lot of responsibility, but never more than I could handle. They are experienced and top professional and at the same time incredibly nice people. To me, the internship has been a good mixture of craftsmanship and nerdy programming, "says Mikkel Grenaa Larsen about his internship at Vestergaard Company, which primarily develops products for the aerospace industry and has 320 people employed in the United States, France, Thailand and, of course, Denmark.

"It means a lot to us to get such acknowledgement. That is what it really is about – equipping the interns for the future”, says Carsten Mandal from Vestergaard Company and continues:

"In general, we attach great importance to shaping an internship in such a way that it meets the wishes and objectives of the interns. At the same time, it also means a lot to us that the tasks performed by the interns give value to us. We want the interns to be included in the team like any other employee, and to contribute solutions to the tasks on an equal footing with the rest of the team. In this way, having interns becomes a win-win situation. What more could you wish for? "

Mikkel Grenaa Larsen, who studies Automation Engineering, impressed the jury with his honest and personal reflections and the huge development he has undergone.

"Vestergaard has had the energy to develop him - he has been coached to solutions; he has not had them handed to him on a plate. It is a huge company and yet he is allowed, among other things, to design and develop a dashboard for a new electric car. Which he does brilliantly. It's pretty cool. " 

On KEA’s Facebook page, you can watch videos with the other four nominees and their internship companies.

The jury consisted of

 Louise Stenbjerre - Editorial Development Director at Børsen

 Hans Henrik Ter-Borch – Senior Project Manager at Rockwool

 Freder not Schmidt – Founder of Roccamore

 Mikkel Jespersen - CEO in 1508

Mikkel and Vestergaard Company move on to the national competition Business Internship of the Year, which will be held at Børsen in Copenhagen on 28 May.

Mikkel Grenaa Larsen (th) var i praktik hos Vestergaard Company.