As a student at KEA, you are in close contact with the business community from day one – not least thanks to the internship. Now students can nominate the coolest internship companies for KEA Internship of the Year.

A great many businesses acknowledge the students by offering them jobs after the internship. And, again this year, the students can acknowledge their place of internship by nominating their host company for KEA Internship of the Year.

Students who have done their internship in the autumn of 2018 or the spring of 2019 can nominate their host company.

The nomination deadline is on 14 March at noon. On 15 April, the names of the five nominees will be published, and on May 1st, the winner of KEA Internship of the Year 2019 will be announced.

Last year, Kasper Miller and the architecture firm O'Mahony Pikes won KEA Internship of the Year.

"He's going to succeed in the world – if all of my employees had the same attitude as he does, it would be easy to run a business. All it takes is a phone call if he wants to change his line of work”, the jury unanimously said about Kasper Miller.

"Just the amount of drive and enthusiasm that he puts into his work is unique. But apart from that, he has displayed a great understanding of building activities, extraordinary skills within BIM (Building Information Modelling) and will be permanently employed. He also has a keen interest in architecture and sees his work in a wider perspective. However, he never gets lost in details but gets the work done. "

The jury also highly commended the company O'Mahony Pike for their accommodating, yet always challenging approach to Kasper Miller and his internship.

The winner of KEA Internship of the Year 2019 proceeds to the national competition, which will be held on 28 May at Børsen in Copenhagen.

FACTS about KEA Internship of the Year:

  • It is the students who nominate their internship companies
  • The internship is assessed on the basis of three criteria: personal and professional development, the social experience and the ability to transform knowledge into value
  • The students must have done their internship in the autumn of 2018 or the spring of 2019
  • The names of the nominees will be published on 15 April, and the winner will be elected on 24 April
  • The winner of KEA Internship of the Year will be elected by a jury consisting of: Louise Stenbjerre, Editorial Development Director at Børsen

             Hans Henrik Ter-Borch, Senior Project Manager at Rockwool

             Mikkel Jespersen, CCO in 1508

             Frederikke Schmidt, founder of Roccamore and former KEA student

  • • The winner will proceed to the national competition on 28 May in Copenhagen, where the overall winner of Business Internship of the Year will be elected.