As a student at KEA you are in close contact with the business community from day one – not least thanks to internships. Now the students can nominate the coolest internship businesses for KEA Internship of the Year.

Many companies acknowledge the students by offering them jobs after the internships have ended. Now the many enthusiastic students can also acknowledge their internship company by nominating the company for KEA Internship of the Year.

Students who have done their internships in the autumn of 2017 or in the spring of 2018 can nominate their internship company.

The nomination deadline is on 15 March at noon. On 18 April, the five nominees will be announced, and on 24 April, the winner of KEA Internship of the Year 2018 will be announced.

Last year, an overwhelming number of students nominated their internship company for KEA Internship of the Year. The winner of 2017 was production technologist Rasmus Christensen and American Regal Boats:

”We are honoured to be nominated for KEA Internship of the Year. Rasmus has been an enormous asset for us and he has helped us improve our processes and flow. The work that he and his team have done has decreased the time of process in that particular area by 40%. He represents KEA in a very professional way. It is priceless for the students to work as interns in companies that expose them to the real world, improve their self-confidence and help them test and refine their skills and competences,” said Mark Vahle, Director of Manufacturing at Regal Boats.

Here are some of the things the jury noted:

” It is always exciting when people go abroad. Rasmus has helped improve the work environment, he has cut the production time by 40%, and he has generally created concrete results for the company and has made a difference to the employees, which is why he has received a job offer. This only happened because the company let him contribute and believed in his ability to contribute.”

Rasmus Christensen and Regal Boats also won the national Internship of the Year, which was awarded at the Copenhagen Opera House.

The winner of KEA Internship of the Year 2018 will proceed to the national competition, which will take place on 16 May at the LEGO House in Billund.

FACTS about KEA Internship of the Year 2018

  • The students nominate their internships themselves
  • Applicants are evaluated based on three criteria: personal and professional development, the social experience and the ability to transform knowledge into value
  • The students must have done their internships during the autumn of 2017 or the spring of 2018
  • The nominees will be announced on 18 April and the winner will be announced on 24 April.
  • The winner of KEA internship of the Year 2018 will be elected by a jury.

Oversat af Camilla Reslet.