A dashboard for an electric car and the everyday life at the European Space Agency are some of the things that the jury have had the pleasure of looking closer into when evaluating the five nominees.

Again this year it is clear that the internship is highly rewarding - both professionally and personally. And the companies get at least as much value as the students.

Here you can read more about the nominees, their companies and the jury's comments. In no particular order, the nominees for KEA Internship of the Year are:

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Sergiu Ioan Gheorghe, who studies Multimedia Design & Communication, has done his internship at the European Space Agency. The jury noticed that he has been allowed to try out many things – he has designed their e-learning, made their logo and video, and the European Space Agency has ensured that the social experience is top notch with a close-knit relationship between the interns from all over the world.

"His enthusiasm is contagious – he is clearly passionate. In addition, it is great that he has sought abroad and he exhibits a great amount of maturity in terms of what it provides. He has managed to get something really useful out of it, and he has given his stay a lot of thought," said the jury about Sergiu, a KEA student from Romania, who is presently in Cologne at the European Space Agency.

Mathew Day, Instructional System Designer on the Space Training Team, is quite enthusiastic about the nomination:

"Wow, what an honour! Over the past five years, I have hired and supervised over 40 interns. They produce valuable work supporting Europe's astronauts. Many have since done very well. This price would be a statement of confidence to all of them and what they do. "

About Sergiu he says:

"I knew immediately that Sergiu was the right person for the media internship at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC). He had a maturity that exceeded his age, and I was impressed by his creativity and technical skills. He understands what I want from an artistic/project point of view, and he is able to translate this vision into reality, and has been able to produce some excellent designs for our learning portal (Moodle) and E-Learning design templates. We treat our interns in the same way as any employee, and if they have the skills, they will have a high degree of autonomy in their projects. Sergiu has seized this opportunity with both hands. "


SASKIA WILSON Saskia Wilson, who studies Design, Technology and Business, has been an intern at the start-up company True Gum.

"It's so great that a start-up company has taken an intern and not least managed to give her something, train her and has made a huge effort to integrate her into the company. The problem with start-ups can sometimes be that it borders on exploitation, or that they simply do not have either resources or an established culture that can give the intern anything useful. This is not the case with True Gum. They have done a great job especially for such a small business,” said the jury, which this year consists of Louise StenBjerre – Development Director at Børsen, Hans Henrik Ter-Borch – Senior Project Manager at Rockwool, Frederikke Schmidt – Founder of Roccamore and Mikkel Jespersen CEO in 1508.

"Saskia has really used her entire range of skills in many different tasks. Among other things, she has made a redesign of the packaging. She has created value and demonstrates great business understanding."


LOUISE SCHMIDT Louise Schmidt, who studies Optometry, did her internship at Cornelius K, where, in the words of the jury, she was allowed to be very much involved and was used for many different tasks.

"It's super nice of such a small business to invite her on two trips abroad. As for Louise, with her dedication and personality, she manages to change their minds about having an intern. At first, they didn’t want any, but they decided to take her in and ended up being very excited about that decision. She has grown both professionally and as a human being. "




DANIEL PLESS Daniel Pless studies Energy Technology and has been an intern at Tyréns A/S and he impressed the jury by having set seven learning goals that he wanted to achieve during the internship.

"He doesn't expect the company to take care of it, but takes responsibility. Conversely, Tyréns offers mentors; he has always had someone to turn to, and Tyréns has acted as a highly professional host company. He exhibits broad abilities and has been allowed to get around a lot. He has also been part of a large project and has made some very specific programming in the calculation of heat loss. What he has contributed has been brought into play. In addition, he has grown and is personally stronger after his stay. "

Head of department at Tyréns, Turgay Keskin, says:

"Daniel has created great value for Tyréns through his work, where he has lifted challenging tasks – but also through his contribution to the community. Daniel continues to work at Tyréns as a student assistant. He has also helped us remember why it is so important to give these young people a chance to follow the everyday life of a consulting engineering company. He is full of energy and comes with a completely open mind. He is not stuck in all sorts of limitations and norms. "


MIKKEL GRENAA LARSEN Mikkel Grenaa Larsen, who is studying Automation Engineering, has been an intern at Vestergaard Company.

He impressed the jury with his honest and personal reflections and the huge development he has undergone.

"Vestergaard has had the energy to develop him - he has been coached to solutions; he has not had them handed to him on a plate. It is a huge company and yet he is allowed, among other things, to design and develop a dashboard for a new electric car. Which he does brilliantly. It's pretty cool. " 

On KEA’s Facebook page, you can watch videos with the other four nominees and their internship companies.

The winner will move on to the national competition Business Internship of the Year, which will be held at Børsen in Copenhagen on 28 May.

The jury consists of

 Louise Stenbjerre - Editorial Development Director at Børsen

 Hans Henrik Ter-Borch – Senior Project Manager at Rockwool

 Frederikke Schmidt – Founder of Roccamore

 Mikkel Jespersen - CEO in 1508