Look into the future and challenge existing boundaries. This programme is relevant for both Danish and international students.

Would you like to play a role when businesses develop new products or implement new technologies in production? With a BA in Product Development & Integrative Technology, your job will be to look to the future and to challenge existing solutions. At the same time, you must be able to argue in favour of your choices, and help to successfully manage processes from idea to finished product.

On the programme, you learn to apply your professional expertise, and you learn to interact with other disciplines to address and solve issues and problems in the best possible way. Both you and your fellow students have already completed your AP degrees, and together you must integrate your various backgrounds and expertise into your project work during the programme.

The teaching focuses on problem-oriented project work and on solving concrete problems and issues defined by you and your fellow students and/or a company.

The programme provides you with analytical, methodological and practical skills that enable you to integrate and manage product development processes in technical fields. Products developed on this programme may be physical products, concepts or technical services.

After completing the programme, you will be working with all the disciplines involved in  developing new products, and you will be the expert in terms of communicating and integrating these disciplines in the product development so that the best and most  future-proof product will ultimately reach the consumers.

The BA programme in Product Development & Integrative Technology allows you to top up your existing AP qualification in installation, automation, energy, product development/production and IT network/electronics.