Fashion at a Turning Point addresses the fashion industry’s sustainability problems from an educational perspective.

The collection primarily represents the efforts of lecturers from the department of KEA Design. Their research makes up the bulk of the collection and originated in the 2019 iteration of Educators’ Summit, organised and convened at KEA. As a recurring event, Educators’ Summit was born out of the Youth Fashion Summit (YFS), which, from 2012–2019, gathered students and faculty facilitators from around the world to address the challenges facing the fashion industry in relation to sustainability.

In Fashion at a Turning Point, the authors find inspiration in initiatives such as UNESCO’s eight key sustainability competencies to advance encouraging scenarios, where students and recent graduates can find common ground with industry leaders to imagine and implement a different way forward. One of the key insights of the volume is that investing in sustainability initiatives doesn’t have to come at the expense of creating value for the fashion industry; indeed, adopting new sustainable technologies such as 3D visualisation software can lead to both a leaner and a greener value chain.