Bring your employees into the future with the latest technology knowledge.  Get access to the newest technologies. Collaborate on external events.


  • Get Tech Lounge out for your events. We are updated on the latest technologies, and gives a talk or workshop in a fun & engaged way.
  • Participate in our Theme events eg. panel debate on one of the latest technologies that are going to disrupt the market.

  • Lend our facilities, for example the space shuttle (Auditorium) for up to 300 people for lectures or workshops - where Tech Lounge helps facilitate contact with the networks of speakers you need.

  • Use the Tech Lounge Professional Focus Group / Usability Lab to get user feedback on your product. 

  • Access to the Tech Lounge area at KEA Lygten 16, where we have the latest technologies and knowledge of how they can be used and help your business.

  • Access to KEA's expertise through assistants, lecturers and teachers, within the area you need to know about.

  • Possibility to get hands on, as well as try and get home the latest technologies.

  • Participate in our workshops where you get hands on the latest technologies such as drone flight, Microsoft Azure Machine learning workshop, Pretotyping with technology, etc.

  • Education in Google Sprint, where you learn a method that helps you develop new ideas for your business.

In addition to the above, we can make special agreements where we together figure out what you need and tailor a product based on your needs.


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