Can you create a technology acceptance model and what is a technology acceptance model?

Overcoming cultural differences and e-learning – how do they go hand in hand?

TAM TAM – Technology Acceptance Model was proposed by Davis 1989.

The model can be used to predict the acceptance of new technology, the intention to use it which can lead to the use of this technology.

TAM has been used as the main system for predicting technology acceptance because it uses factor that can be measured. TAM proposes that people’s intention to use a new technology depends on to main factors:

  • Perceived usefulness
  • Perceived Ease of Use

This interesting presentation deals with identifying cultural factors’ influence on learning and how TAM can be modified and become a method which enables us to identify the cultural factors and ensure that they do not become an impediment to learning in e-learning courses.

However, it is noteworthy from a didactical point of view to critically address the value of TAM in order to gauge the ways in which the results can influence the planning of e-learning courses aiming at addressing cultural factors.

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