The True Value of Materials

You sit in Barcelona and never know quite what to expect from the different workshops and presentations. A point I have already raised but it is worth reiterating especially when a demure woman takes the stage and delivers an amazingly interesting and well-documented presentation on trans-disciplinary, international and a highly relevant societal problem.

Welcome to Bridge ( Building Research & Innovation Deals for Green Economy.

Dr. Joan Farrer raises the pertinent points when it comes to creating and ensuring a learning community which encompasses the relevant knowledge topics and embraces all participants.

  1. a domain of knowledge that defines a set of issues
  2. a community of people who care about this domain
  3. the shared practice that they are developing to be effective in that

Points worth remembering.

In conclusion – cross disciplinary problem-based projects provide some interesting learnings to students and the institution:

  • Returning to your own subject areas on a more sure footing (students become aware of what they know)
  • Deepening understanding through discussion
  • Enhanced sense of understanding of respective disciplines
  • Engaging students through real world subjects
  • Making better use of the learning environment
  • Making best use of the resources of an educational institution
  • Knowledge where to look or specialist expertise
  • Making connections across disciplines


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